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Silica - Reverse Phase (C18)

PuriFlash® Silica Reverse Phase (C18) materials address applications suited to C18 chemistry with full end capping. They are typically used for non-ionic, polar organic compounds. Interchims range contain traditional irregular silica and a range of spherical silica for enhanced performance and various working environments.

Product No. Description
C18IR Irregular C18, 450m2/g. Our most economical C18 silica phase, fully end capped
C18HP High Performance C18 spherical silica, 500m2/g, fully end capped
C18HC High Capacity C18 spherical silica, 680m2/g, for optimal sample loading, fully end capped
C18HQ High Quality C18 spherical silica, 400m2/g HPLC grade material
C18AQ Aqueous C18 spherical silica, 500m2/g. Allows 100% water starting gradients
C18T Low Carbon C18 spherical silica. Purification of weakly hydrophobic peptides/ oligopeptides