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Cellulitic (Cellufine)

Cellufine is a chromatography media made from spherical cellulose particles displaying high chemical stability, high mechanical and bio-compatibilty. It was designed & is particularly suited for the purification of proteins, enzymes and other biomolecules. Cellufine suffers much less matrix leaking than synthetic polymer media and is ISO 9001 (200) registered.

Cellufine puriFlash cartridges facilitate higher biological sample throughputs and have been utilised with the Interchim purification systems.

Product No. Description
DEAE Weak anion exchange. Proteins, peptides & enzymes
QA Strong anion exchange. Proteins, peptides & enzymes
CM Weak cation exchange. Proteins, peptides & enzymes
Sulfate Concentration, purification & depyrogenation of virus, viral/microbial antigens & heparin-binding proteins
Phenyl Hydrophobic interaction
Butyl Hydrophobic interaction
Endotoxin Immobilized poly(e-lysine) CellufineTM beads for endotoxin removal from solution