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  • Fantastic sensitivity
  • Lot -to- lot reproducibility
  • Ready -to- Use
  • Excellent Prices

TMB is the most popular colorimetric peroxidase substrate. The Uptima TMB range from Interchim is offered in a variety of formats to support market applications.

Uptima TMB solutions are optimized substrates for ELISA techniques, manual or automatic systems. They are all single reagent, ready-to-use formulations that contain 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine (TMB), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and proprietary catalyzing / stabilizing agents.

Reagent produces a blue color upon reaction with peroxidase (measured at 370nm or 652nm) and a yellow color (measured at 450nm) when the reaction is stopped after adding an acid (stop solution available). Sensitivity is greater than classic substrates like OPD and ABTS and has a very low background.

The range has a guaranteed stability of 12 months at +4° C

TMB Range:

TMB 'standard' For classical benchtop applications
TMB 'check+' New formulation that contains a non-interferring red dye that provides a visual control to assist with reagent distribution. Monitors both substrate and stop solution.
TMB 'aqueous' 100% aqueous formulation (does not contain DMF or DMSO). Non-toxic, Non-hazardous/ volative. No organics makes this detection reagent appropriate for diagnostic kits/ applications.


Product No. Description Pack Size Instructions MSDS Price
UP664780 Uptima TMB (Standard) Solution. 200ml PDF PDF £44.90
UP664781 Uptima TMB (Standard) Solution. 500ml PDF PDF £78.10
UP664782 Uptima TMB (Standard) Solution. 1 litre PDF PDF £144.60
UPS08173 TMB Check+ Solution 200ml PDF PDF £91.10
UPS08174 TMB Check+ Solution 500ml PDF PDF £127.40
UPS08180 Uptima TMB (Aqueous) Solution. 100ml PDF PDF £29.90
UPS08181 Uptima TMB (Aqueous) Solution. 200ml PDF PDF £48.50
UPS08182 Uptima TMB (Aqueous) Solution. 500ml PDF PDF £78.10
UPS08183 Uptima TMB (Aqueous) Solution. 1 litre PDF PDF £144.60
UPS29590 Uptima TMB/ HRP STOP Solution 250ml PDF PDF £15.30


Uptima pNPP substrate is a chromogenic substrate for the detection of alkaline phosphatase (AP), giving a yellow soluble by-product. The formulation is optimized and offers a long shelf-life with excellent lot to lot reproducibility, sensitivity and accuracy.

pNPP is classically used in ELISA techniques. Upon reaction with alkaline phosphatase, it gives an intense yellow color that can be read at 405nm. This subtrate is not suitable for immunochemistry or western blotting (ask for suitable alternatives)

Product No. Description Pack Size Instructions MSDS Price
UP664790 pNPP solution 200ml PDF PDF £87.10
UP664791 pNPP solution 500ml PDF PDF £175.30
UP664792 pNPP solution 1 litre PDF PDF £360.20