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Interchim offer a range of Derivatization reagents for GC and HPLC representing excellent value for money.

Silylation Reagents

Silyl derivatives are the most popular derivatization reagents for GC sample analysis. In silylation, an active hydrogen is replaced by an alkylsilyl group such as trimethylsilyl (TMS), a variety of reagents are available for the introduction of the TMS group, which differ in their reactivity, selectivity, side reactions and the character of the reaction products. Silylation reagents are (to a greater or lesser degree), moisture sensitive, requiring them to be sealed to prevent deactivation.

Silylation Formulations

Acylation Reagents

Acylation converts compounds through the action of carboxylic acid / carboxylic acid derivatives, that contain active hydrogen sites.

Acylating reagents are generally available as acid anhydrides, acyl derivatives, or acyl halides and can more readily target (compared to silylation) highly polar multi-functional compounds, such as carbohydrates and amino acids. Acyl halides and acyl derivatives are highly reactive and may be suited for use where issues of steric hindrance may be a factor.